I wanted to create something beautiful from a seemingly humble creature, the garden snail. I began by sketching an outline.


I scanned the sketch and printed it onto freezer paper, I then used a craft knife to cut out the shell and body outlines. I ironed the paper onto a piece of preshrunk calico, then carefully removed the paper that masked the body shape. I used spray paint to add colout to the body section. When the paint had dried I replaced the paper masking the body, ironing it back onto the fabric. Then I removed the background paper and sprayed the fabric green. When I removed the paper masking the snail body and shell I had the basic outline of my snail.

I stitched around the snail body using grey embroidery thread, and shell using cream coloured thread. I added a few details to the body.


Then I was free to decorate, I added my favourite bullion stitch roses, with some leaves. I felt that the design was a bit ‘gappy’, so I added some cream French knots to unify the design.

I enjoyed this so much that I made a second snail, this time with some purple flowers. I used the flowers to indicate shading on the snail shell.

snailwithpurpleflowers crop